A southern girl who has always had big city taste. Or as we like to say down south, ” Champagne taste on a beer budget.” After all don’t we all want to be glamorous, stunning, fashonistas who eat well and enjoy life, on whatever our budget may be?

Enter me a newlywed trying to figure out how the lovely ladies of past decades made it look so easy? How did our moms, grandmothers, and all of the dynamic women in our history tackle it all?!  This blog follows my journey as I go about learning the tricks (and good ol’ fashioned hard work!) of great food, seemingly effortless fashion, a well-loved home, and keeping mind and body well.

Keep in Touch,

Mrs. Smith

P.S.  Sightings of Mr. Smith are likely and let’s just say his commentary on Mrs. Smith’s fashion choices are sure to offer a laugh or two!

1 thought on “About.”

  1. Love your by-line! Southern charm with a bit of grit. Love that. Being a Southern girl myself (born in Alabama), I’m interested to see how your blog progresses. Take care!

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