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…that I am a fan of the massage. I get it now. I had my first ever massage last week. It was beyond awesome.

I had always thought it might be a fun thing to do, I just had not committed to doing it. I wondered if it would be worth the expense. I questioned if it would be truly relaxing. I had even bigger doubts about being au natural around a stranger. gasp. I am a very VERY private person.

But a massage is on my bucket list so I took the plunge. I even had a male masseuse. As I was walking in I thought to myself maybe I could have taken a smaller plunge and started with a female stranger masseuse. Nope too late to back out now. I am not going to say I was completely at ease with the whole “draping” process. Which is what they called the sheets covering your, ahem, essentials. But, after the initial awkwardness it was really great.

I learned not to fix your hair before you go. It will get messed up. And not in a ‘I am a model here is my slightly mused exotic coiffure.” Nope, more in a crazy you accidently overslept hairstyle. And the other lesson was eat some food so you’re not hungry and your stomach growls. Oh wait, that is not massage specific that is a life thing. Eat some food at a regular basis so you are not super hungry and don’t eat too much food because that can also cause stomach discomfort. Not anything new there. Right. Moving on.

So I decided that instead of crossing massage off my bucket list. I am now going to change it to massage outdoors. Sneaky, hmm?

How rad would it be to get a massage in a tropical paradise?

While I am over here dreaming away of a massage with the sounds from the ocean and the gentle breezes of being by the water.. Ah, lovely dream… Are you guys supporters of the art of massage?  Have you had good expeiernces or some less than stellar?