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…that I spent 3, yes 3 hours watching the ridicously bad Bachelor finale this week. What shall you do with your Monday nights now? Have no fear I am sure the even more hilarious Bachelor Pad will be back soon. Also for the record I still think this is awesome and is one of the highlights of the season for me. I am waiting on the “I got the ring” version, which has potential of being another masterpiece.

…after all my whining I got a swim suit. There was minimal gnashing of teeth. Here was the thought process.. If it is 80 degrees in March, I feel it is a safe bet I will need swim wear. It’s the South it can always get hotter. Suck it up and buy a swim suit. The End.

… that since I saw Wicked I have been dreaming of a Wizard of Oz themed party. How great would that be? Hay bales for seats, baskets of goodies, red sparkle accents, complete with a yellow brick road to the emerald city. Guests would dress as Dorothy, Toto, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, flying monkeys, munchkins, Glenda, Wicked Witch, and the Wizard, of course.

Every girl needs a pair of ruby slippers. These are Judy Garland's from the movie. She wore a size 5. I could only fit half of my foot in one of her shoes. Literally. My long feet are a size 10.

When my parents were younger my mom actually talked my dad into dressing as the Tin Man for a party, she dressed as Dorothy. He could not move his arms or legs in the costume they rigged up.  Crazy right? Yes folks they are still married even after that! Or maybe this was while they were dating.  I don’t remember the whole story.

…it’s the weekend. You should do something fun and/or eat something delicious. It is your civic duty.


Do you have plans for the weekend? Do tell.