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I got a treat, I got a treat. No it just can’t be beat. I understand it was Dr. Seuss birthday over the weekend. I saw photos on The Facebook of kids dressed as their favorite character (or at least a character that was easy to dress as.)

I did not do anything in particular to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, except to get myself a treat and want to rhyme about it. Does that count? Well Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss, I think my favorites from his work are How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Oh, The Places You’ll Go!  Did you know that Oh, The Places You’ll Go was the last book Dr. Seuss wrote and it sells up to 300,000 copies each year? Impressive Dr. S.

I got a treat at one of my very favorite places. I had seen it a while ago and drooled over it. I lovingly watched it so long, I am surprised the sales people did not offer a chair, popcorn, and coke.

After dreaming about it, I decided if I went back and it was still there we were destined to be together.

At this point you may be thinking it is some form of entertainment like electronics or perhaps some useful thing I can use on a regular basis. Alas, you would be mistaken.

It not practical in the least. My treat was from one of my favorite shops, J.Crew. And it was this…

necklace. I would have linked to their website, but I don’t see this necklace on their site.

Husband says it looks Egyptian, I like that description. I think it just makes me giddy and I will wear it everyday until the nice lady at the grocery store politely asks if I own anything else. And then I will wear it for two more weeks, just for good measure.

How do you treat yourself? What makes you giddy?