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…fashion that is, that is what the Oscar awards red carpet is all about. Sure the show hands out the awards for the films, but the red carpet, that is just about the clothes. And hair. And shoes. and make-up. Oh and making the rest of us humans feel frumpy. Then again if you had a stylist, hair guru, make-up artist, manicurist, personal assistants and hours of fluffing, who knows right?

I picked my fashion leading ladies.  No guys on the list because, well, they all look nice in their tuxes. Exception to the rule being Sasha Baren Cohen. Who showed up in character as The Dictator.


The ladies…

Michelle Williams

On screen the color looked so vibrant and pretty on her. The fabric moved really well and she is on trend with the peplum.

Kristen Wiig

I like the color of this dress and I think it works with her hair color. I know some may disagree with me and may think that the color did not work with her skin tone. I think it is a glamorous gown.

Glenn Close

I thought this Zac Posen dress looked great on her. I feel the silhouette is working for her and she looks spunky.

Tina Fey

Another peplum adopter, Tina Fey, has come a long way on the red carpet.  I am a fan of the dress and the hair. Well done Fey.

Meryl Streep

She struck gold with this dress. No pun intended. She looks the part of the powerhouse actress that she is.

Emma Stone

Classy and elegant.


Did any of these make your list of favorites? Did I leave off your pick for best dressed?