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I want to remember you. You were our first place. But it is time…. to break up with you. I turned in the paperwork to move on. But don’t worry yet. We can still be frenemies for a little while longer. I would like to say it’s not you it’s me. But the truth is that it’s you. Sorry.

Let me begin by saying I enjoyed our time together. You are a nicer apartment than most I have seen. No really, don’t be modest apartment. I love your view of the river; it is stunning when the sun reflects off the water, or the fog creates an eerie look. I like that you were new when we moved in and sometimes when I come home I still smell the new. I love that you are an apartment and yet have stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. You clean up well, apt.

View of the river at sunset from our place.

But, you have your flaws too. You are not big on giving me my space. You aren’t big on closet space. And your kitchen, while sleek and shiny, is tiny. Before the husband and I got married we each had our own house. Each house had more space than you little apartment. And your small big other flaw is that you think a lot of yourself. You want a lot of money each month to keep our relationship going.

While we will soon part ways, I won’t forget you.


Mrs. Smith

~ ~ ~

I am not sure where we will move next, that place has yet to be seen!

Do you prefer moving frequently and the adventure of trying new places? Or do you feel attached to your home and the memories you have had there?