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You know those days that seem kinda perfect? You got good news, you were having a great hair day, the sun was shining, you got something exciting in the mail or a message in an e-mail, you accomplished everything on your to-do list. You know the kind of days I am taking about? Yeah, today was NOT one of those days.

I wasn’t sure I should put it on there in the blogsphere. Most of the blogs I like to read feature lovely fashions, tasty looking recipes, funny messages, exciting travel adventures. If I put the realness of a bad day out there is it going to taint the blogsphere? All 5 of you that read my blog, I really appreciate all 5 of you and write {hopefully} interesting things for you my readers.

Well my life is real, and real life includes bad days.  I had one of those days when I realized the dinner I made was inedible (it was really terrible), and I got to listen to a not-so-nice man speak harshly to me about parking at the gym (which falls in the category of why does he care so much?), and some crazy allergy keeps visiting making my eyes puffy, swollen, and itchy and my face break-out in red bumps (If I could figure out what I was allergic to I would stop using that product or eating that food. Dairy? Gluten? I am just weird?), and my hair it just looks sad.

And while it was the opposite of one of those seemingly perfect days, tomorrow could be one of those good days. Maybe it is up to me to try a little harder to have a nice day. And maybe these days are a reminder that my life is really great and I am very fortunate. These are after all only silly inconveniences. Other people across the world tackle much more in their life’s course.

The not-so-nice days make the great ones that much grander.