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A year ago I walked away.

It was what I knew, but it didn’t make me happy.

I had the job. The Job. The one so many people my age would have gladly traded places with me.

The job that so many people would appreciate in the economy we currently find ourselves in.

I felt guilty for walking away.

But I knew then that I wanted more.

When I left the office I felt that life was passing me by. I was living in a vacuum and life was happening around me.

The little moments. In quiet moments I would realize that this was not my life’s course.

My job took me to different cities. I would land at an airport and as I would get to baggage claim I knew. I knew this was not my city. And those people. The ones that were excitedly waiting for loved ones. Were not there for me. For me this was just a city in which I was going to see the inside of another hotel, conduct business, and leave.

I walked away.

And then. then it happened. I was one of those people. The people in fun vacation attire at the airport with their family going to Disney World. No longer one of those people in dark, uniform looking business clothes. The ones looking for outlets for all their electronic gadgets so they wouldn’t miss a beat of what was happening with their work.

And you know what? It is awesome to be a part of the fun at Disney World. It is fantastic to be in jeans downtown at lunch time, instead of a stuffy suit. It is lovely to read actual books and not just the jacket cover or hear other people at a party talking about the books they have read.

Yes, I still often feel guilty about leaving.

But for now I am going to laugh, sleep in, and try to enjoy life. Because I think one day. Maybe sooner rather than later I will again be the suit. Hopefully a little less stuffy.

I made my own rule that I wouldn’t talk about things of a personal nature on the blog. Which I have since decided is just silly. Part of what makes blogs so interesting to me is reading and seeing what people are passionate about. After all, the topics I have blogged about are things I am interested in.

Today I did personal.