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I know some of you might be thinking, she thought she learned something while watching the Bachelor? That show on TV? She has officially lost her mind. Well maybe. Stay with me. I am not a Bachelor/ Bachelorette expert. I don’t try to keep up with the latest rumors. And I can’t keep the girls names straight. So definitely correct me if I get it wrong.

But this is what I now know after watching the Bachelor last night…

The 2 girls sent home both said, “I just don’t know what I did wrong” The only thing you did wrong was the ugly cry on national TV, I feel you might regret that one later.

The ladies refer to how they feel in their heart, a lot. You ladies may be thinking about how you feel in your heart but I believe that the Bachelor may be using another organ, in an entirely different region of his anatomy in which he is making the “educated” decision to keep girls around. A girl skinny dipping with him and the other ladies show him their assets. I’m just saying he may not be keeping you around for your, um, heart.

A lot of talk about winning. They want to win it. What is it? They want to win Ben the Bachelor’s love? I’m probably not an expert on love. But I’m thinking, love isn’t about winning. Call me crazy.

Even before I got married I would never want to be a contestant. These ladies fix their perfectly coiffed hair and layer upon layer of make-up and then. Then. they decide on a whim to jump in the water in whatever tropical local they happen to be in. Nope, no way, uh uh. Not doing it. They just spent 2 hours getting ready. No way Benjamin Bachelor, I just got all fancied up

Ben The Bachelor

Are we sure he is worth crying over?  I don’t know him, so maybe he is.  I do know he can have a bad hair day. What? He does, I’m just saying. He is human like the rest of us. And some of those girls are pretty(they maybe crazy, but that’s a post for another day)! Can’t they look in the mirror and realize they are not exactly desperate. After all I already established a guy, just may, occasionally,  think with his lower body parts about who he would like to date.

P.S. I do give Ben some credit he does say rad and you know how I feel about that.