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Yesterday I started Animal Week. Because I think the animals on the Endangered Species List deserve the spotlight. I am going to feature some of them this week. Today I am bringing you animals from Asia*.

Chinese River Dolphin

Doesn’t it look like they are kind of smiling at you? These animals could only be found in the Yangtze river in China and sadly enough scientists believe they may already be extinct.

Bumblebee bat

This may be the smallest mammal in the world. They don’t weigh more than a dime! At 33mm long and weigh in at 1.7 to 2 grams. They live in limestone caves in Thailand. I guess I like bats because of the Batman movies. Not a huge fan of Superman or Spiderman. But there is something about Batman. Maybe the all black attire, the fast and sleek Batmobile. And let’s admit it ladies,  there is something appealing about a man who is resourceful. That Batman he uses his gadgets to serve up criminals to the police. Spiderman and Superman have their super powers sure, but Batman he’s just a guy that uses whatever works. ha

Bornean Orangutan

To be honest I just think these guys are cute. They are intelligent creatures too. Smart and adorable, yep I am a fan of the Bornean Orangutan. They are classified as highly endangered due to loss of their habitat and poaching.

Giant Panda

I can’t talk about Asian animals and leave off the Giant Panda. Nope, can’t do it. Love them too much. These native China animals can weigh up to 330 lbs of panda cuddle. They are legally protected and there are now established panda reserves.

Agile Gibbon

Hi there furry white eye brows! This animal sings. Yep they sing, sometimes in duets, to protect their territory. They are tail-less but have long limbs that they use to swing from tree to tree. Funny little dudes.

Tomorrow may bring the animals from South America or Africa? We shall see…

* Disclaimer of Animal Week- Some of these animals may be found on more than one continent.