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Last week I mentioned how much I like Polar Bears. And I started thinking about how unfortunate it is that they are on the Endangered Species List. I did a little fact searching and could not believe how many animals are on the list. Over 10,000! Too many. How sad that some of these fantastic species may not continue to exist.

We share the planet with so many interesting animals. I thought I would declare this week, Animal Week, on my little blog. I want to highlight some animals on the Endangered Species List.

Today I want to feature these –

The Manatee. These big ‘ol softees are also called Sea Cows. I can understand why. They can be up to 12.5 feet long and up to 3500 lbs.

One of the reasons they are on the endangered list is accidental entanglement in fishermans nets. Another is that their habitat is being destroyed by development.

There is an organization called “Operation Sea Cow” that help protect the manatees and promote awareness.

If you have a blog and want to join Animal Week in your own way, join in!

Or if you have an animal that you think should get some limelight let me know.