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I have shared my love of the French culture before. But I thought one aspect deserved its own post. CREPES. Yum. The genius of a thin pancake filled with and topped with many wonderful delights. In my book, this is a huge win for the French.

Crepes typically fall into two categories: savory and sweet. I am sure those words, savory and sweet, in French are glorious but I am just not going to pretend I am French or can speak the beautiful language.

The wonderful treat that is a crepe can be enjoyed at any time of the day. But something about having them for brunch seems delightful to me. I am one lucky girl because there is a charming place that offers delicious crepes less than ten minutes from where I live.

I recently had the pleasure to go to the creperie. My husband and I got a SAVORY option and a SWEET option to share. I told him one of the great things about being with someone is that you don’t have to choose only one option. I, being the indecisive person that I am, would be in quite the dilemma. ha.

They were DIVINE and I love trying new combinations when I go. But I was a very, very bad blogger indeed. As I dove right in without taking pictures for you my lovely readers.

Similar to what the sweet crepe looked like that I devoured before taking a picture.

Photo by food blogger Tish Boyle.

What do you think, yes to crepes? Do you prefer savory or sweet? Or do want to try it all? I would love to try a bite of all the different combinations at my local place.