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When January, February, and March roll around, it feels like the weather is dull and a tad monotonous. Don’t tell Winter but I am a fan of Spring, Summer, and Fall. There are some lovely aspects of winter. The warm drinks, cozy clothes, and the potential for snow! Snow, Snow, Snow. (I just sang that out loud like in the movie White Christmas.)

In the Winter I occasionally feel like I am hibernating. on the couch. Movies, puzzles, games, and books are great. But I would love to hear what you do in the winter to keep your arms and legs from falling asleep?

Polar Bears.

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So technically I think it is brown or black bears that hibernate in the winter. But I love me some Polar Bears. I just liked this picture of them hugging. I kind of want to be smushed between two polar bears. How cuddly and warm would that be?

Tell me, what do you do to fight the Winter blahs?