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I am thankful for…

…a Super Target somewhat close to wear I live. Rad

…a guy cut in line in front of me. Dear sir, allow me to introduce you to a phrase I believe you should become familiar with, it is gentleman, meaning a civilized or well-mannered man. I am thankful my dad, brother, and husband do not behave unkindly to others like this man I encountered today.

….girls-only party this weekend to look forward to. It is a 20’s themed par-tay. awesome.

….Paula Deen. You may have heard she is getting some heat for her delay in coming forward with her diabetes. She is a business woman, her business is cooking. I could understand how she would think the media would blow it out of proportion. Um, they are. No she doesn’t eat butter all day everyday. Everyone has treats, she is giving you options for your treat times. So let’s not get on our high and mighty horse like we only eat broccoli and spinach all day everyday. Jumping off my soap box now. Love Ya’ll.

…perfume & cologne. Smells can be so intoxicating don’t you think?

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