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I have a fashion question for you my darlings. Yesterday I saw a half a dozen ladies who had on furs. Fur coats that is. Like this.

They may have been real or just faux. But what I would like to know is… what do you think yes or no? I know in recent years furs have made their way into the spotlight in the world of fashion. But I am still undecided. Do you think they are fashion forward, a classic statement, or just not your thing?

I do, however, have opinions about the fashions seen last night.  I just can’t help myself, it is my first award season with a blog.

Ahh the Golden Globes, the stars looked glam in their evening attire. Without further ado, my favorites…

Stacy Keibler

A classic shade in a modern silhouette.

Heidi Klum

I liked the neutral shade with the jeweled turquoise accent.

Claire Danes. Glad she won for Homeland.

I loved the geometric pattern and the metallic touches.

Paula Patton

I think the color is fresh and fun.

And in the category of I like that she took a risk..

Piper Perabo

I like the shimmering grey and the sculptural skirt. But the chest area, not so flattering. Just saying.

And now… bum bum bum… my least favorites..

Sarah Michelle Gellar

I really like her as an actress and think she is adorable. Word on the street is that her daughter picked this one out. Yep, not a surprise there.


It smushed her ladies up to the high heavens. She has a great figure, not denying that, but it did not fit well. And the skirt seems more like a Christmas tree skirt than on a formal dress. She won the globe for her song, so she is still a winner, just not in the fashion arena.

Jessica Biel

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica. Was this a test run for your big day with Mr. Timberlake? I think you are gorg but this lace abomination, let’s go in a different direction for your wedding. Mmm K?