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I believe…

…that putting on comfy pants while at home makes my day just a little FUNNER.

…the Bachelor is cheesy and RIDICULOUS but is awesome material for jokes while watching with the girls and holding my baby niece = greatness.

…my husband is very smart but will continue to give him a hard time occasionally, because it is my JOB to keep him humble. Right?! ha, no it is not.

… Pinterest was designed to keep ME humble. I mean seriously you crafty, creative, smarty pants on Pinterest come up with some rad stuff. keep it up.

Wow. (image via Pinterest)

…that it somehow rains only when I decide it is grocery store day. WEIRD.

…I am 100% obsessed with West Wing. Yes, I know it has not been on TV for years, I am a little late to the game, but what’s NEW about that? We have the complete DVD set. I am dragging out getting to the last episodes because I don’t want it to end.

West Wing

Yep,  I BELIEVE so.