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Crème de la crème .. The best of the best

I enjoy my southern (United States of America) roots, as you may have noticed on the blog, oh you know which I talk about every other day.  But there are other cultures I am smitten with. One of those is the French. I have never lived in France, so my knowledge is somewhat limited to what I have read or seen.  I have traveled there and plan to go back again one day. I do have regrets about not participating in an exchange program in college. I would liked to have lived in Europe for a while.

I like that the French take time to enjoy a meal at a leisurely pace with others. Not to rush through eating, but savor the tastes and experiences of food.The French know that food is best when in season and locally produced. They have known this for some time, the U.S. is now trying to get more educated about this.

I appreciate that they are not afraid to take vacations. And that businesses may shut down in the  middle of the day for a mid-day break.

French fashion seems focused on having fewer but higher quality pieces in their wardrobe.

The language seems so eloquent and enchanting.

I would like to adopt some of these aspects of the French culture.

Passez une bonne journée.. Have a good day