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I really DO want to know. What do you eat for breakfast? Do you have a go to breakfast option during the weekday and switch it up on the weekends? Or does the amount of TIME you have in any given morning determine what you choose to eat? Or do you skip breakfast altogether? Yes, yes, I know breakfast is an important way to START your day. But occasionally, I just don’t make it happen. I am not exactly a morning person.

I either A) Eat a cereal that has more sugar than anything else and as a result am very hungry again in 2.5 seconds after eating said cereal. B) Try to eat something more filling like oatmeal or fiber cereal. Which I eat a few bites of and feel uninspired to finish the rest. C) Eat something really delicious that is probably more likely classified as dessert than it is you know, breakfast.

So I need some help. I would like to hear what YOU eat for breakfast. Do you have any fun breakfast ideas?

I really do like SMOOTHIES and yet I have not made one at home. I am thinking about getting out one of our fancy schmancy wedding gifts and giving it a whirl. If I put enough sugar in it will I not taste the spinach?! Or does that defeat the purpose of putting spinach in there in the first place?

Green smoothie. It looks slightly intimidating. Maybe if it is in a fun glass with a straw?