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I am in denial. I am stubbornly refusing to accept it is time to get back to reality and that the holidays are in fact over. I still think it is the magical time of seeing pretty things and eating tasty delights. I don’t want to see the continuous loop of weight loss commercials. Are you sick of them yet? Or should I check back with you in a few days?

Ironically, the Subway TV commercials are for their newest Angus sub, that looks like a couple of burgers in sandwich form. Subway, home of “Eat Fresh” and “lose weight with Jared” fame, doesn’t seem to be launching into the new year in a vegglicious way.

In true denial I purchased Egg Nog this week. Yes, you read that correctly this week. Well past the socially acceptable time to consume 1,000* calorie beverages. (* slight exaggeration, but only slightly.) My sister-in-law, of the breakfast pizza fame, taught me a perfectly evil awesome new trick of putting eggnog in my coffee. It. is. rad.


Plus eggnog = Magically Delicious.

Add I am still going to be dreaming of sugar-plum fairies in my “faux” holiday world over here.

Sugar Plums. Maybe if the fairies don't show up I can make them myself?

Recipe for Sugar plums.

Happy Wednesday, my little sugar plums.