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Do you ever find it amusing what we consider VINTAGE? I will grant that vintage can be very charming, yes. But sometimes that upcycled, recycled, re-gifted stuff is just old. There I said it.

I give to you exhibit A-

"Vintage" gift tags

You know the OLD gift tags that looked like they were supposed to convey happiness but just looked sort of creepy.  I couldn’t even find some of the best examples. I bet if I could go through some family “heirloom” boxes I could find some that were much creepier. I think that when my grandmother used them on our christmas presents 15 or 20 years ago that they were “vintage” then. Your saying, but Mrs. Smith those are nostalgic and sentimental. Oh yes they are. Wait, nope, they are STILL creeptastic.

So in the gift name tag category, I SUGGEST an update this holiday season. Yes it is a touch crafty and I won’t tell anyone if you buy them instead. But they are easy and simple to make.

Exhibit B. The Update.

Cardstock thickness paper in your color of choice

Cut it down to name tag appropriate size

Round off the edges of the tag

I used this handy dandy tool for round edges. Scissors work well too. Or leave the corners square.

I used a simple stamp

With a silver metallic stamp pad.

Make a hole for ribbon using a hole punch.

Gift tags.