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Adventures are so nice, don’t you think? I often call it an adventure when I get LOST. It is now a running joke. Can I help you find something? Nope, I am on an “adventure”. again. yep.

Sometimes those ADVENTURES happen on date night. I always look forward to date night. Yes, I am married. But we have date night once a week. Occasionally it will not work out. But when it does, I am oh so happy. Mr. Smith loves the movies and I L.O.V.E. eating. I am good at it. If only it was a sport, right? You are good at eating too? Like I have said before I knew we could be friends. Plus, date night means a break from cooking. Hey, I’m not bashing cooking but a break is nice.

Date night this week was a MOVIE I was sceptical about seeing. But I can without a doubt recommend it now. The newest Scorsese film, Hugo, is delightful. The movie is set in Paris in the 1930s. A boy goes on an adventure to solve the MYSTERY surrounding an automaton, a mechanical person of sorts. I was leery of seeing it for fear that it would simply be a movie for kids only. Martin Scorsese did not let me down.

HUGO (If you look closely during the movie, Scorsese briefly put himself in the film, as he often likes to do.)

Afterwards we enjoyed gelato and a stroll to see Christmas lights.

Have you seen any GREAT movies lately? It still counts if you watched them curled up in your own humble abode in your comfy pants.