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It is not exactly a newsflash to tell you that this time of year seems a bit more CHAOTIC than the rest of the year. Not that chaos is always a bad thing, around the holidays chaos has its benefits.  HOLIDAYS bring sweet treats, maybe a break from work or school, and fun outings.

I like to remember the simple pleasures of life, and try not to get wrapped up in the negative aspects of unexpected chaos.

For me one of those SIMPLE PLEASURES is a mug with a warm drink on a chilly day. Enjoying my hot cocoa, tea, or coffee in one of these mugs would just be bonus points.

With a nook to hold cookies. Awesomeness.

Grenade, complaint dept. mug. (Not that you would ever get the tiniest bit perturbed at your boss or coworkers or family members.)

Chalkboard quotes mug. Funny sayings, reminders, or names to keep each person's special formula of coffee, cream and sugar.