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I am going to introduce you to Keya and Don. No need to change NAMES to protect the innocent, because I don’t really know them. And will probably never MEET them. But we shared a pivotal LIFE experience with each other.

I have some personal info in the blog, but would like to keep the personal mumbo jumbo to a minimum. Mainly because, if I am having a bad day or am whining about feeling fat (let’s be honest here), who wants to read about that?!  Cry Me A River, only works as a song for Justin Timberlake. And that was 10 years ago. Oh I am still going to have those days where I am WACKADOODLE, I am crazy.

But today I am breaking my rules and I am going with a personal story, because it made me LAUGH. I got a package in the mail and knew immediately what it was. I had been waiting months for it to arrive. It was our WEDDING video. The DVD cover made me smile. I wanted to watch immediately. But Mr. Smith was having a busy week so we decided to wait until Friday night to watch it.

It was taunting me until we put it in the DVD player. Immediately I was puzzled and then even more so a few seconds later. Wait. a. minute. My grandma is an old white lady.  Mr. Smith and I looked at each other and said that is NOT our wedding. Bahaha. While I wish Keya and Don happiness in their marriage. I was kinda expecting, you know, my own wedding video. I can only imagine what Keya and Don thought while watching our video. I am wondering if they said wow, those white people can dance! And hoping they did not say oh bless ’em, who told them they could dance.

I was entranced and had to see more. And then it happened. The BEST part. The highlight was most definitely when Don was removing Keya’s garter to the song, wait for it…… Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye. Yes, it was equal parts awkward and hilarious. He had all the signature moves down. Which was tears rolling down my face funny. And at the same time so very awkward to watch something that seems weirdly intimate.

We shared our wedding experiences with Keya and Don. And while I don’t think I will ever get the chance to meet them, I won’t FORGET this.