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I like to sing the song It’s raining MEN, hallelujah and change the lyrics to It’s raining SHOES, hallelujah. You love shoes too? I knew I liked you and that we could be friends.

I have too many shoes, nope that’s not true. There are NEVER too many shoes. Period. I don’t care if you have store extra pairs in your underwear drawer. Completely acceptable, no judgement here. I have few (ok, ok, husband would say more than a few)  impractical shoes. You know the kind that you CANNOT wear when it is going to rain, snow, any dampness in the air or stong gust of wind; may only work with ONE outfit; can’t wear them longer than an hour, two tops. Yes, those are the shoes I am talking about. I have those.

What I should probably think about are some reasonable shoes, in the DISTANT future of course. But it’s the holiday season and there are pretty, magical shoes and it’s a Wednesday. I am full of excuses.

Shoes that are feathered, suede, and satin. Impractical? Check. Check. and Check.

Feathered by Kate Spade

Suede by J.Crew

Satin by Anthropologie