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Previously, I have added a little Music Monday note to the end portion of my Monday posts. Just to SHARE what I am listening to.  Here. Here. Here.

But I found some music that is hauntingly beautiful and I felt it NEEDED. REQUIRED. more than a blurb. And when I say I found what I mean is that Mr. Smith found it and I am taking credit for it. I truly am enchanted so I am glad he discovered it and shared with me this weekend.

The duo is The Civil Wars. You can listen to their music on their site. Don’t ask me to choose a favorite song from their album, BARTON HOLLOW, I can’t choose. The duo is Joy Williams, a Californian that moved to Nashville and John Paul White an Alabaman. I just had to mention you know when greatness comes out of the South. Represent.

Joy Willliams of The Civil Wars

John Paul White of The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars