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Do you ever talk about celebrities like you know them personally or you have spent time with them? Or is it just me? My husband laughs at me when I talk about a celeb like we are BFFs. You know like how I gush about Zooey Deschanel.

Are you a Lady Gaga fan little monster? It seems when I have heard people talk about Gaga they either love her or don’t really get her. I am a Lady G groupie. Lately, I have been even more enamored. Did you see her Very Gaga Thanksgiving special or her performances on the Grammy nominations? Wow. She seems like a very creative individual. And it is interesting to see her interviewed, her responses always seem down-to-earth.

                – One of her more conservative looks (in my opinion)

Maybe it is because I majored in Business with a concentration in Marketing (I forgot to tell you that in the About Me section of the lil bloggie), that I think that Lady G has done a fabulous job of creating her brand. Even if you aren’t a fan, you know who she is. And can probably list a few songs or fashion choices. I like her music, her performances, and her oh so outrageously awesome fashion choices. And last but not least, I like that she is speaking out against bullying. Not just putting her name behind some diet drink or some other celebrity endorsement. Like some other celebs, you know who you are celebrities. Yeah I am calling you out.  Bullying is a hard thing to regulate and it can be life changing for some people. So I thought Gaga deserved a little mention this lovely Friday.

Have a nice weekend, little monsters.