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Are you getting ready for TOMORROW? Are you cooking or helping to make the Thanksgiving meal for your family or friends? It’s almost game day. Ok sports metaphor over. You know those things that football players wear on game days? OUTFITS, yeah that’s what I call them. You too? Well the men in my life tell me they are called uniforms. Well they are often color coordinated and have MATCHING shoes, yep, I am sticking with calling them outfits. Maybe the guys are just misinformed?

What is your outfit like on Turkey Day? Do you and yours wear DRESSY clothes or are COMFORT clothes your wardrobe of choice? Or maybe some of your clan dress up and others their most stretchy pants.

Well I fall somewhere in-between I like to be comfy while looking a tad CHIC. And since I don’t look sexy in sweat pants. I am not sure many people look sexy in sweats, unless maybe you are one of the Victoria Secret Angels. And if you do LOOK like Gisele Bundchen, then by all means wear them, but I might dislike you. Immensely.

For all the rest of us, I found a hybrid OPTION. I don’t own these yet but I think I might like to.

Gap Body foldover waist leggings

I own a few things from Gap Body and find them very easy to wear. These leggings are from their loungewear section. Why yes, yes, I do ENJOY lounging, pick me. pick me. I think this little number might just work. They are stretchy so if you have an EXTRA slice of pie they will be forgiving. And I think PAIRED with a fabulous shoe and great top, no one would be the wiser that you are in fact quite comfortable.

Pull out some of your favorite leggings from your closet, make them FESTIVE, and enjoy your favorite holiday treats!