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It’s RAINING here today. And one of my FAVORITE things about rainy days besides being able to wear a fabulous rain coat and fun rain boots is having candles burning. I also enjoy candles on grey days and when it is cold out. There is something so warm and comforting about them, I especially enjoy a LUXURIOUS scent.

If you can find the trifecta of a perfect CANDLE: pretty container, burns for a long time and smells wonderful; then you, my friend, are an excellent candle shopper. I am still on the hunt for my trifecta candle. I do love the SMELL of the Voluspa candles, my current scent is Suede Blanc that you can see in my home here.

Pretty glass jar candle

What is COMFORTING to you on rainy, grey and cold days?

Tomorrow I am going to share a delectable, southern treat with you, my lovely readers. Here are your  hints-

  • Can be served both savory and sweet depending on the additions you PAIR with it
  • It is a TRULY southern food
  • I think Northerners and West Coasters IN GENERAL do a better job with pizza and meaty sub sandwiches than Southerners do (I grant there are exceptions to this.) So it is not pizza or sub sandwiches.
  • You can eat this at breakfast, brunch, lunch, lunner(Yeah it is a word!) or dinner. But one might OFTEN think of this as a breakfast or brunch item.

What is your guess(es)? Or do I have you confused? GUESS away. If you get it right I will divulge the recipe to you TOMORROW. If you don’t get it right you are out of luck. Ok, ok I am just kidding I will tell you anyway.

Music Monday:  I am listening to the song The Living Proof by Mary J. Blige. She created this song for the movie The Help, she said the movie brought her to tears. It is a powerful song.  I adored reading the book and seeing the movie.