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I have a little HUGE thing for dance movies. Embarrassing, personal, fun  fact – when I was younger I would put on the most fluffy skirt I could find and DANCE around the house a la Jennifer Grey’s  character Baby in Dirty Dancing.

While I love a good dance movie,  I have mixed feelings the dance classics being re-made. Are you a fan of re-makes in general? Or do you take it on a case by case basis?

For me, I thought the DIRTY DANCING refresh Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights lost the je ne sais quoi, that special gritty, raw dancing and acting that made the original special.

But, I recently saw the Footloose re-do and really ENJOYED it. Maybe it was because they kept so many of the ICONIC Footloose moments and tweaked them slightly to update it. I thought it was fun, engaging, and well cast.