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Who is your CELEBRITY crush? Come on, I know you have one. And no mine is not Gerard Butler’s abs(Yowsa!), but I wouldn’t mind an ab or two. I am not being GREEDY and asking for a 6-pack. Ok. ok. twist my arm already I will take the full 6. (Not. gonna. happen.)

My celebrity crush is Zooey Deschanel. I like her quirky roles in Elf, Failure to Launch, and now the tv show New Girl. Have you seen New Girl? Tuesday nights. makes me LAUGH every time. Seriously check it out.

But that is only one part of why she is my celeb crush. Her HAIR, is shiny, glossy, amazingness. Her EYES, pretty. She has the greatest FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. And the girl can SING too! She is one half of the group She and Him.

Who is your celeb crush? You can choose whomever you like for any reason. No judgement here.