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In today’s edition of thriving, thrifty, thankful Tuesdays. I am featuring the benefits of being THRIFTYNOT I got something cheap I didn’t want in the first place. No. No, that’s not thrifty.

Going to the movie theater can be rather EXPENSIVE endeavor. With the ticket price, popcorn, candy, drink all adding up. I know what you’re saying, but Mrs. Smith you can just rent it when it comes out on DVD. But, I would be missing out on the sticky floor, cell phones ringing, can’t see over the person in front of me experience?! I kid. I kid. There is some kind of GREATNESS about the whole theater experience.

What is the thrifty girl’s way to go to the movies? Go to the matinée. The prices are cheaper (BONUS points for sneaking in your own candy!) and there is the MAGIC of coming out of a theater and it is still daylight. You know that feeling that you went on a journey with the characters in the movie and then into the jolting REALITY of the day outside.

How do you SNEAK the thrifty into you own adventures?