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I have a teensy, tiny CONFESSION, actually it is a big part of who I am. Maybe it’s part of who you are or maybe you feel exactly the opposite.

I don’t leave room for the possibility of “the plan” falling apart.  I have all these EXPECTATIONS of what is supposed to or needs to happen for this hour, day, week, month, year. You see, my problem with this, is that I am not leaving any room for the UNEXPECTED. The unexpected, which I was reminded of over the weekend, can and will surprise you by being better than “plan A” ever was.

So for today I am TRYING to leave room for the unexpected by breaking out of the rigid guidelines I have for myself.

Do you happily accept changes, planned or otherwise? How does it affect your HAPPY-O-METER? Do tell.

Music Monday: Today I am listening to Regina Spektor’s album Begin to Hope. I am thoroughly enjoying it, and it seems to match my mood.

What are you listening to today?