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Happy Friday, lovely readers! This one is for the girls, unless, you guys want to adopt more than guyliner then by all means read on. Or you want to give your girlfriend, wife, significant other, some beauty advice, I do not recommend this under any circumstances READ: NEVER. Even if she looks like a OOMPA LOOMPA or if she is wearing a fingernail polish that looks remarkably like baby poop (It was citrine green and it was chic, right ladies?). But do tell her if she has LIPSTICK on her teeth, it’s just cruel not to.

Occasionally I really enjoy taking the time to do my make-up well. But more often I find myself in need of a quick, but POLISHED, make-up look. My number one product to reach for is mascara, in fact I usually have one or two in my hand bag.

DRUGSTORE pick : L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes. It goes on smoothly and does not seem to flake.

BEAUTY COUNTER pick: MAC False Lashes. I like the length this lil’ lady provides.

My favorite mascara TIPS are:

* To create VOLUME I like to brush the lashes towards my nose first, then back outwards towards my ears.

*  To build LENGTH I add an additional coat while gently pressing upwards on the upper half of my eyelashes.

Tell me what is your go to beauty product? And do you have any tips or tricks, please share. The more the merrier when it comes to makeup SECRETS!