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“Mama says they’ll be days like this, they’ll be days like this my mama said.” (The Shirelles)

I’m sure my mama did say they are days like this, she probably followed it up by saying put on your big girl panties and DEAL with it. My mama she’s a smart lady.

But I also remember her SAYING (and she still says to this day), “I prefer to eat my calories, not drink them.”  What she means is that she wants to enjoy her calories where she can bite into them in her food, and not the empty calories that are in some drinks.

I am impressed by latte art (photo by journey coffee)

Do you prefer to EAT your calories or DRINK them? What is more drool-worthy a delicious creamy latte, a little vino, mixed drink, milkshake OR pasta, ethnic food, pizza, cookies, cupcakes?

Me, I have a problem, a tasty, tasty problem, see I  LOVE both. Yep the drink calories and the food calories. YUM!