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You have your idea of what your home should look like and your significant other has theirs. Who chooses the STYLE of your place? Or is it a hybrid of his and hers? More importantly does it feel like HOME? You feel like you can kick back and relax.

When Mr. Smith and I merged our stuff into our new place, we both had our own places and more furniture than we could use in our new space. I cut back on my pillow collection. You know when you go to a friend’s house and they have covered EVERY. INCH.  of the their couch or arm-chair with pillows and you have to move 2 or 10. (hey it happens!) to find a spot to sit? Yeah I am that person. So I had to leave behind the pillows. In fact let me just have a moment to reminisce about the PILLOWS. hmmm. dreamy. mmmm. Ok so I am crazy, what’s new?

We have his über masculine. modern. furniture and my documented pillow OBSESSION.  How do we merge the two? The couch in our living room is from his bachelor days with my rug, pillows, and throw. I like to think of it as accessorizing his manly couch with a touch of feminine. Shhh let’s not tell our husbands we made the place girly, it’s our little SECRET.