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Exhibit A (My monogram before I became a Mrs.)

We have a way of life in the South, it goes pretty much like this, If there is anyway humanly possible to monogram it, it is your civic duty to do so. Oh, and before you start to think I am a monogram hater see Exhibit A, I am as big an OFFENDER as the next southern belle. I even monogrammed up my BIG DAY, that’s right my wedding day, that little day where you make all these life changing decisions, like what kind of flowers to carry down the aisle. You know those decisions that you spend hours agonizing over and deep down you know PERFECTLY WELL it will not affect your your life 6 months later. But who am I kidding there will pictures on Facebook and Pinterest, and every square inch of your home 6 months down the road, those flowers better be pretty darn perfect!

It’s so cute how the celebs think it’s some new trend, Southerners have been doing it well before there was time, see it’s practically a RELIGION. You ladies in other parts of the country feel free to  give us a hard time. I will even give you a head start.. it’s as if we cannot remember our own NAMES and therefore feel the need to monogram every fork, pillow case, wall hanging, and tacky Christmas decoration.

Now I must go dig up MY monogrammed Christmas crap..

And get the Ting Ting’s ‘That’s Not My Name’ outta my head.